Discover New Frontiers

At The Andes Project we show the cultural heritage of Argentina through the art of weaving. All The Andes Project products are 100% handmade using fair trade practices through our artisan cooperatives. The Argentinian Andes community live off the land, create their own clothing, produce their own food, and build their own homes. Behind each of our products there is this community and its culture, that uses these sustainable processes in balance with the environment.

Each product is made with selected raw materials from the area using ancient techniques that are passed down from generation to generation. Each piece is created in a slow and laborious process, resulting in something unique and unrepeatable

We want to empower you to contribute to our culture which is increasingly threatened by globalisation. Markets have encouraged mass production under less than ideal conditions. We aim to move this in a different direction where quality is appreciated and the chain of production is fair, traditional and sustainable.

The Andes Project products make you feel something different. The texture, the smell and the appearance take you somewhere outside of your normal life. You are now a part of the land, the riches and the beauty that go into each The Andes Project piece.