Artisans and Materials

We merge two worlds that weave together history, customs and empowerment.

We revalue the ancestral and indigenous loom techniques that allow for a dignified and sustainable life, through the hands of the producers. The same hands that take care of the llamas and sheep, that skillfully control the process and masterfully carry out the handmade finishes.

Wool processing

The wool obtained from sheep or llama is the raw material that allows us to make our products. The whole process begins with four rinses to remove the dirt from the fleece. After washing, the wool begins its drying stage.

Once dry, the wool is passed through a device called a spinning wheel to obtain the soft threads that are used to weave the different products.

Before starting to weave, the yarns are dyed with natural dyes that come from the forest. These dyes are collected from fruits, bark and roots of different trees.

Finally, once the threads have been dyed, creativity is brought to life on the loom.

Each final product carries the knowledge of many generations. The techniques applied, together with the different thickness of the threads, allow us to preserve the creation of designs that reflect ancestral knowledge.