What is Sustainable Design?

What is Sustainable Design?

Over the last few years, sustainable design has become a necessary and, at some point, aspirational trend, aligned with the new perspective that more and more people have towards a healthier lifestyle, in terms of food and, fundamentally, consumption, with the aim of not harming the environment.

Being sustainable does not mean living a life of recycling, it is above all, being aware of where our things come from, what material they are made of, the process of manufacturing them and in what condition they have come to us. In addition to this, to decorate sustainably is to give a purpose to our things beyond the decorative or functional.

Sustainable design principles in textiles

When it comes to textiles, the priority is to use natural fibres and sustainable processes as they have less negative impact on the environment. A trend in sustainable design that is gaining more and more popularity is the use of natural dyes and ecoprint (prints with leaves from plants and trees). In addition to being 100% natural raw material and easily accessible, it varies according to the season of the year, thus respecting nature's own cycles. When you buy a handmade object, most of the time you know its origin, who made it, what raw material was used and under what working conditions, among other things.

What is sustainable design through our lense?

Well, in this return to nature and revaluation of handcrafted work, you can appreciate the perfectly imperfect result of each unique piece, and we go even a little further... We are supporting, revaluing and promoting the work of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and their regional economies.

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